Welcome to the Michigan Referee Program

New referees must be 13 years old at the time of registration

Step 1) U.S. Soccer Learning Center

    a) To start the learning process, access the U.S. Soccer Learning Center website and “Sign Up” to create a Referee profile at the following link: https://learning.ussoccer.com/referee
    • Make sure a unique email is used for each referee.
    • Sign up using the referee’s name & DOB. (not the parent or guardian)
    • A secondary email (e.g., parent, other) field is available as well.

    b) Once your profile is complete, log in to your U.S. Soccer Learning Center account to complete the free Michigan - Online Grassroots course.
    • The course is a ~ 4.5-hour e-learning experience that prepares candidates for their assigned tasks and responsibilities as a Grassroots referee. You must register for the course using the following link: https://learning.ussoccer.com/referee/courses/available/7/details/5191
    • Most classroom issues can be resolved by periodically clearing your cache/cookies and restarting your browser.
    • When completing an assignment and/or training module in the Learning Center please ensure you close out and exit the assignment each time you take a break. If you leave the browser and the assignment open while not working on it or if you step away, when you return the module may not save any future progress. Additional problem solving tips can be found at the following link: https://ussoccerfederation.force.com/lcsupport/s/article/Progress-Saving-Issue

    c) If you are 18 years of age or older you will also need to complete the SafeSport Training course, also located at the U.S. Soccer Learning center, found at the following link: